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How it works?

Use existing team's phones and call targeted sales enquiries before they leave your website

Lead Capture

You capture enquiry details such as name, number, email, department and message from any number of forms in your website or any other digital source. Also classify enquiries into roles for your team.

Dynamic Assignment

When a visitor submits an enquiry it enters a "lead box" and the system will notify all the department members and ask for who is available to respond. Only the first team member to swipe will receive the lead.

Lead Callback

The team member that receives the enquiry can find out details about the lead and click to dial from the app itself. They can also email or text the lead too. All the features ue the native functions of the phones.

No unwanted queries and no VOIP bills

Get complete control on which sales enquiries your team is calling, how quickly and at what costs

  • Native Technology

    SyncDial eliminates per minute cloud telephony charges that existing instant callback tools ask for. Calls are made from your existing telecom operators' plans on your teams' phones.

  • Complete visibility

    You get all your leads within the app. SyncDial will also integrate with your existing CRM and also provide you with a dashboard where you can generate reports and export to excel.

  • Complete control

    SyncDial eliminates answering website queries that are not time constrained. This way you can focus only on sales enquiries and can answer other enquiries separately.


Your website conversions are our top priority!

Website visitors that enter their contact details really want to talk to you. They will respect you for calling them up quickly and not wasting a lot of time.
All instant callback providers traditionally use cloud telephony. Our innovation eliminates those charges by enabling the calls from your existing network provider.
Your data is kept in Amazon's web servers in North America - Oregon. We use 128 bit encryption along all get and post requests. We also charge a price because we don't sell your data :)
We studied 100s of callback tools and all of them reported a 30-674% increase in leads and sales. We report our results at the bottom of this page.
No, our widgets and scripts load asynchronously. Your website is loaded before our scripts and the browser treats them differently.
Website visitors are often researching and do not reach out to a phone and call up a particular company. They enter their details on websites and believe that the company that wants their business will call them back


Our innovation is in eliminating cloud telephony charges to bring down the cost of instant callbacks by 1200%

What they love is their customers loving them back

Offering a callback increases lead conversion

  • 116


  • 55

    New Enquiries/ Month

  • 23%

    New Conversions/ Site

  • 741

    Hours Saved